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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Duck Stuff: Saturday Edition

Rob Moseley has your Friday practice report.

John Canzano shares his radio show interview with backup QB Justin Herbert.

■ Chantel Jennings and Steve Summers preview the game today against UC Davis.

Tailgater Magazine ranked Autzen Stadium as the best tailgating mecca.

This stadium has one of the best game day atmospheres, but that doesn't keep fans from being incredibly welcoming before the game. Tailgating among a community of food sharing and good conversation isn't something found at most top tier football schools.



Mike Wines said...

Oregon 52 - UCD 17 #GODUCKS!

DDubbs76 said...

Here we go...the wait is over! Actually, I'm more excited about the Yankees and Orioles today than a cupcake game, but I'm glad to have both. Word.

DDubbs76 said...

You're on right now.