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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Duck Stuff: Thursday Edition

■ Kevin Gemmell has Charles Nelson at #14 in the Pac-12 preseason top 25 and has Oregon in another must-see road trip game.

Nelson has the ability to impact the game in more ways than his teammate. And don’t be surprised to see Mark Helfrich and Co. coming up with creative ways to get him the ball, as they have done in the past with players owning similar skill sets.

Rob Moseley previews the defensive line heading into fall camp.

■ Tyson Alger and Andrew Greif talk about fall camp and Greif wonders which new Duck will play first.

SeanG has a pretty sweet highlight video on YouTube. Might get you pumped for a little football.



Mike Wines said...

Nice win for the Yanks... #DizzyDean #JohnHavlicek

DDubbs76 said...

Very nice...I like the mixed sports.