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Friday, June 17, 2016

Duck Stuff: Friday Edition

Chantel Jennings previews the Sept. 17 game against Nebraska.

What's at stake for Oregon? The Ducks have two solid nonconference games this year, against Virginia and Nebraska. It would be a huge national statement for Oregon to enter Pac-12 play with an ACC win and a Big Ten win. How many other Power 5 schools would be able to boast something like that?

Dale Newton believes Oregon fans will like Dakota Prukop plus he's smart enough and good enough to win the starting job.



Mike Wines said...

Yanks win finally....#48

DDubbs76 said...

It's so much more fun when we have some teams in our preseason schedule that mean something...super excited for football...there are some unknowns this year that could make it very entertaining. I'm most excited to see how Hoke tweeks the defense. Word. This is a nice, long comment since it's my first of 76 Saturdays :-)