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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Duck Stuff: Wednesday Edition

Rob Moseley has your latest practice report update.

Highlights: The day began with a one-play scenario between offense and defense. The ones were stopped when Tyson Coleman came up with a tackle for loss. The twos converted when Kani Benoit side-stepped Danny Mattingly and got upfield. … Fun matchup in 1-on-1 drills, as Devon Allen ran a fly route against Ty Griffin. The U.S. hurdles champion gained a step on the speedy ex-quarterback, and hauled in a pass from Jeff Lockie. Tony Brooks-James twice got a step on a safety, and hauled in balls up the seam from Lockie and Taylor Alie...

■ Andrew Greif wonders if Vernon Adams or Darren Carrington will see playing time this weekend.

Tyson Alger gives Matt Wogan credit for the job he has done this year for the Ducks.

■ Justin Wise previews our game with the dawgs.

■ Charles Fisher has a few thoughts on QB Morgan Mahalak.


1 comment:

DDubbs76 said...

I'm with Charles...Morgan deserves his chances, if those observations are true—but, we'll never know the ins-and-outs of why he isn't playing...we can only speculate.