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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Duck Stuff: Tuesday Edition

Rob Moseley has your Monday practice report and shares the new uniforms for Saturday.

Highlights: The most competitive period was 7-on-7. Lockie connected on a deep ball with Devon Allen, who got behind the secondary. … Otherwise, much of practice was conducted at a “teach” tempo. “Good work day today,” UO coach Mark Helfrich told the team afterward. “If we can get a ton out of today, we can keep doing it like this – and then cut it loose Tuesday and Wednesday.” 

Scott Frost along with all three QB's talked with the media after practice yesterday.

■ Andrew Greif takes a sneak peek at the game against the Cougars and looks at the numbers.

Game against the dawgs will be broadcast on ESPN or EPSN2 at 7:30 pm local time on Oct. 17.


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DDubbs76 said...

Seems strange that they're "teaching tempo" right now...I thought that's what they always did.