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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Duck Stuff: Saturday Edition

Rob Moseley has your Friday practice report.

Scout-team scrimmage highlights: As tends to happen, the defense started well. On the second snap, Dylan Kane nabbed an interception that would have netted a long return in game conditions. Gary Baker and Jake Froehlich followed by stacking up run plays at the line of scrimmage on the next two reps...

Andrew Greif looks at one particular matchup to watch in the game today.

Thomas Boyd has five things to watch for today's game.

■ Jason Fowler has the latest on recruiting.

Dale Newton wonders if the defense will show more improvement it the contest today.

...Disruptive plays like turnovers and sacks are a lifeline for a defense that has athletic ability but lacks consistency. The hope is they’ll continue to improve throughout the year. They’d better. Oregon doesn’t enjoy the huge edge it had over the field in the conference five and six years ago. Victory will turn on smaller margins, execution, focus, attention to detail...

My prediction: Oregon 38 - Utah 24


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