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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Duck Stuff: Thursday Edition

Rob Moseley has the latest practice report and focuses on Byron Marshall and his efforts.

“I just want to be a leader out here, show the young guys how to work hard, show the other vets how to work hard,” Marshall said. “And just to get better; I can’t get better going half-speed or three-quarter-speed, or taking plays off.”

■ Tyson Alger says there is a easy answer for the loss of Thomas Tyner due to injury and Caleb Couturie also talks about the Tyner loss.

"The unique thing about our offense is when you play receiver, you should know how to play running back as well," Lubick said. "He shouldn't really be losing stuff. I'm sure we'll give him some reps back there to have a feel, but right now we want to make sure he can be the best receiver he can possibly be."

■ Jeff Lockie having a head start on Vernon Adams is the subject of this report from The Oregonian.


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