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Friday, August 21, 2015

Duck Stuff: Friday Edition

Rob Moseley has your Thursday practice report and Gary Campbell talks with the media after practice.

Offensive coordinator Scott Frost said tempo has generally been good in camp, if perhaps not as consistent as he’d like. The sustained drives Thursday were a positive step.

“Right now, especially with the young guys, there’s a lot of thinking, and it’s hard to get lined up and go fast when your brain’s spinning,” Frost said. “Both those periods were what we want, absolutely.”

■ Tyson Alger says Johnny Mundt and Evan Bayliss are ready to bring their experience at TE to the Ducks this year.

Quarterback Morgan Mahalak is drawing some praise as the QB field has narrowed.

■ Dale Newton checks in at the fall camp progress now that we are a couple of weeks from the opening game.

■ Scott McGough became the first Duck of the new baseball era reach the big league.

On Thursday, McGough called Horton to share the news, and also exchanged messages with former UO athletic director Pat Kilkenny, still a prominent supporter of the program.

■ FYI - I am going on a small trip and will be back on Monday with regular posts.


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I'm excited for future Ducks in MLB!