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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Duck Stuff: Wednesday Edition

■ David Lombardi says the Ducks are all set at the Special Teams position and Andrew Greif looks at the linebackers who will be competing for a starting job come fall.

Lombardi: Aiden Schneider (11-for-12 on field goals in 2015) and Matt Wogan (7-for-9). Charles Nelson's explosiveness and versatility has been well-documented, and it's likely he's not the only weapon on the Ducks' roster capable of housing a return.

■ Rob Moseley reports DeForest Buckner and Tyler Johnstone have been added to the Lombardi Trophy watch list.

■ Kevin Gemmell wonders if Vernon Adams is already making an impact for the Ducks.

■ Matt Hayes says the Ducks vs Spartans is the top non-conference game this season.

■ Dale Newton believes the beefed-up Ducks are ready to defend their Pac-12 crown.

 The casual fan clamoring for more size on the field has to be pleased. Time will tell whether these players are the real deal or just bigger than what we’re used to seeing as Ducks fans. While they're shoveling in protein powder and lean meats, perhaps we’ll get to have our cake and eat it, too.



DDubbs76 said...

I'm glad Gemmel finally addressed the fact that Adams is our starter, and not Lockie. It was never going to be don't leave your school in the final season to be a bench player, you leave to make a final statement and hope for NFL attention. Now that he can't enroll, he is sticking it to us...maybe that's why he was playing for Eastern Washington in the first place.

Mike Wines said...

Good point Dave...