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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Duck Stuff: Thursday Edition

Noah Smith takes a look back at Norm Van Brocklin and the original vertical passing game.

Years from now, we may look back and fairly say that Marcus Mariota is truly the best player to ever wear a Ducks jersey, but we must not forget the other heroes of the past. Even if Mariota had the greatest year any Duck ever had at Oregon, it’s unlikely he will match what Norm Van Brocklin did at the pro level. In the end, the choice is yours; Mariota or Van Brocklin. Either way, they were both great and they were both Ducks.

■ Kylie Stiglbauer believes that Oregon's tradition is their innovation.

■ Steve Summers and Rich Kolbell talk about the leadership and strength of the 2015 linebacker group.

■ Oregon head track coach Robert Johnson and assistant coach Andy Powell earned national honors yesterday.


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