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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Duck Stuff: Tuesday Edition

■ Kevin Gemmell looks at the Pac-12 post-spring position ranking and starts with the quarterbacks. With the looming battle between front runners Jeff Lockie and Vernon Adams he rates them in the fifth position.

Is Vernon Adams the answer? Or simply a one-year stop gap? Maybe it’s not even Adams at all. Jeff Lockie had a very efficient spring game and has been studying under Marcus Mariota the past two seasons. And he’s taken full advantage of the fact that Adams hasn’t graduated yet from Eastern Washington and won’t arrive until next month. Still, it’s hard to overlook the seven touchdowns Adams tossed last year in a narrow loss to Washington -- a team with three first-round picks on defense and another second-rounder -- or the six he accounted for two years ago in a win over Oregon State. Whichever way the coaching staff goes, it’s going to be plenty of debate fodder for the next few months.

■ Adam Kruse talks about three offensive sets you could see this fall.

■ Tyson Alger talks about what the baseball team needs to do this about win all their games to boost their playoff chances.

Before the season began, the Ducks were ranked inside Baseball America's top 25. To make it to the postseason, they'll have to play like it this week.


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DDubbs76 said...

It's a big weekend, but it's also manageable. We are playing great ball right now...just need to keep it up. No pressure.