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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ Ted Miller has 10 burning questions for the Pac-12 as we get closer to spring practice. #1 on his list talks about replacing Marcus Mariota.

Life after Marcus Mariota at Oregon: You might recall Oregon's quarterback over the past three years was a pretty fair player. But Mariota is off to the NFL, where he's sure to get blinged up, buy four Bentleys and start giving everyone alternating left-right cheek air kisses. That leaves the Ducks with a vacancy behind center. While many -- including a few of my esteemed Pac-12 blog associates -- believe Eastern Washington transfer Vernon Adams is almost certain to take over when he arrives in the fall, you all know I am an inveterate party pooper, so I'm skeptical the transition to an FCS QB, albeit a very good one, will be all rainbows and puppy dogs. So what happens this spring, pre-Adams, should have a high degree of relevance for the ensuing fall competition. That means Jeff Lockie and Morgan Mahalak or someone else has an opportunity to throw down the gauntlet and stake a strong claim to the job. 

■ David Koh talks about how the Ducks changed football forever.

■ Oregon baseball climbed to #19 after their performance against UCSB.


1 comment:

DDubbs76 said...

I'm surprised the baseball team didn't get more of a nod than a single spot up after taking a ranked opponent in their backyard.

My guess is Adams wouldn't have come unless there was some indication that he was going to play...could be wrong...but I don't think so.