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Monday, January 05, 2015

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
 ■ Chantel Jennings reminds us that sometimes you need a few lucky bounces.

“Things are going to have to go right,” [Scott] Frost said. “You’re going to have to play well, and you might have to catch a couple bounces.”

The Ducks’ opponent in the title game, No. 4 Ohio State, hasn’t had quite as many lucky bounces as Oregon...

...The team that wins will be the one that came in more prepared and executed better. But don’t discount the great effect that a bounce -- one way or another -- could have in the game. The Ducks’ season certainly proves that.

George Schroeder believes Ohio State's offense looks a lot like Oregon's by design.

■ Brian Libby talks about the precipice of immortality for our Ducks.

"Let us also embrace the opportunity we have on January 12 and how the game represents a well-earned culmination for this program. Let us embrace that Oregon under Mark Helfrich is everything we ever would have wanted even from Kelly. And let us think and feel and believe: it’s time for our Ducks to stand alone on the mountaintop, and to join the ranks of college football’s immortals"


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