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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ Rob Moseley talks about the bond between Charles Nelson and Jonathan Loyd as they compete for the same position and has the latest practice report.

There was plenty of opportunity for tension to arise between Loyd and Nelson, as they battled for reps at slot receiver and punt returner. The competition has had the opposite effect, however, forging a bond of brotherhood that, as the Ducks approach the Rose Bowl, is as tight as any on the team.

Ted Miller and company talk about the challenge of stopping Marcus Mariota and the Ducks.

■ Tyson Alger reports that Mariota is ready to play now that all of the media obligations are past him and then looks at how Byron Marshall made the transition from running back to receiver.

■ Andrew Greif says Hroniss Grasu is ready to play.

■ Justin Wise compares the linebackers for Oregon and FSU.

■ Dale Newton says the Rose Bowl will be a battle for reputations and legacy but the Ducks are smart enough not to care about any of that.

The Rose Bowl won’t be won by reputations, star ratings or past history. Two teams with vastly different styles will settle it on the field. Thank god the talking’s nearly done.


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DDubbs76 said...

You can't downplay having Hroniss back...that's big.