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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley has your Tuesday practice report and notes the Pac-12 honored Marcus Mariota and Royce Freeman with their awards, has game notes for Friday, and includes Oregon's contingent of players honored by the Pac-12.

Other observations: Receivers coach Matt Lubick saw something immediately from the coverage on the touchdown play in clutch, because he had his hands in the air signaling Allen's touchdown before the ball even was thrown. … It's late in the year and everybody's sore and tired from the rigors of the regular season, but the Ducks still have their edge. There was some pushing and shoving after a snap in clutch, soon after the start of a 9 a.m. practice when I saw still wiping sleep from my eyes. … In the post-practice huddle, Helfrich also hammered home the need to stay focused on school as well, with the university's fall quarter winding down. "Everybody's on a mission to finish strong, on the field and off," he told the players.  … B.J. Kelley has taken reps with the travel squad the last couple days. The travel party expands from 70 to 85 players for the title game.

Oregon remains at #2 in the latest college football rankings.

■ Devon Allen finds his "easy" time with the track and field season finished, no more juggling two sports and school, at least for a awhile.

■ Andrew Grief has a nice piece on longtime radio play-by-play announcer Jerry Allen.

■ Charles Fisher analyzes the Wildcat Power Zone Read play.

Dan Pizzuta wonders if it is time for some redemption against Arizona.


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DDubbs76 said...

You have to wonder how these guys are feeling about going against a team that has beat them twice in the last two years...nothing about Arizona phases me, but I know they're good.