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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ Tyson Alger says the receivers might be young but they have turned into a threat.

If everyone is healthy, the Ducks will roll out a roster that features three of its top six receivers playing in their first bowl game. If the group has underperformed during the year, sure, there may be questions over the next two weeks. But since September, quandaries about Oregon's receivers have died off, just as [Keanon] Lowe predicted they would. 

"I'm excited for everyone to stop questioning the receivers in 10 days or whenever we play because I'm more excited than I've ever been about this core of receivers we have," Lowe said in August. "I have no worries and I'm completely confident with the group we're going into this season with."

■ How will Jameis Winston perform against the Oregon defense?

■ Jason Quick believes the Oregon run game will be key against FSU.

■ Andrew Greif says replacing Ifo Ekpre-Olumu will be a challenge.

Steve Summers recaps the 2014 season.

GoDucksdotcom gives you goes insider access to show you what goes everything you see on DuckVision during a football game at Autzen Stadium.

■ Dale Newton believes overcoming a long layoff will be challenging for the Ducks and Seminoles.

As an offense-first operation, the Quack Attack doesn’t want a low-scoring defensive slugfest and trench warfare. The basis of their plan will always be to f$!king score points.

The Ducks don’t have time to be rusty. They reconvene in Pasadena Christmas afternoon with a week to finish getting ready for the College Football Playoff against the defending national champions. It’s on.



DDubbs76 said...

The layoff isn't worth discussing during the bowl season since every team experiences the exact same layoff...I think they'll be fine. I'm glad we have a warm-up before our championship game. Word.

Mike Wines said...

I like your optimistim Dave...