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Monday, December 22, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ Andrew Greif looks at the matchup of Oregon's linebackers versus FSU's running backs.

Led by outside linebacker Tony Washington, seven Ducks linebackers are among the team's top 10 in tackles for loss this season, joined by MLB Joe Walker, OLB Christian French, OLB Tyson Coleman, MLB Rodney Hardrick, OLB Torrodney Prevot and Malone.

Walker ascension from spotty backup to consistent playmaker with 74 tackles, third-most on UO, is the test case of how much this unit has improved despite losing three key backups in the offseason to transfer or disciplinary measures.

■ Austin Willhoft gives you his top three moments of the 2014 season.

■ Caleb Couturie compares Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston.

■ Jason Selby says it all changed for Oregon when Chip Kelly joined the team.



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Gonna be some slow days as we get ready for the game. Waddup with the robot requirements again?

Mike Wines said...

Have no idea unless Blogger started clamping down... I will check into it...

Mike Wines said...

I just checked the robot box, didn't have to do numbers or letters and at least that's a good thing..