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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Mark Helfrich talks about the challenges Oregon will face against Florida St.

■ Steve Summers says it's always better to know your foe.

Tyson Alger says the Oregon secondary should be prepared for Jameis Winston as they have faced high powered QB's all season in the Pac-12. Alger also has a Bold & Brash prediction for 2015.

■ Marcus Mariota headlined the 2014 AP All-America team which was announced yesterday and the past Heisman winners liked Marcus on and off the field.

Kevin Gemmell says that turnovers could dictate the Mariota vs Winston storyline.

■ Charles Fisher analyzes defensive line secrets to stopping the run.

■ Jamaal Ryan looks at the spread offense and how Oregon has become so efficient at running it.

While many Duck fans can’t wait to see what new iterations of the spread could be released against Florida State in the Rose Bowl on January 1, there is no question that the Oregon Ducks have perfected and executed the spread offense straight into the ranks of college football’s super powers.


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