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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Joel Odom reports Oregon moved up to #2 in the latest playoff rankings. Here is what Dale Newton believes.

For the ranking to have any meaning at all, they have to take care of business versus Colorado and Oregon State and prevail in the conference title game, which could very likely be a showdown of Top Ten teams, #2 Oregon versus current #6 Arizona State. Winning that matchup should be enough to get the Ducks into the playoff, probably with a favorable seeding.

Rob Moseley reports the football team is keeping in touch with Pharaoh Brown and looks like he might get a surprise visitor.

■ David Lombardi says Oregon is planning for success.

■ Joe Walker picked up the play of the week for his 100 yard fumble return against Utah.

Charles Fisher analyzes Oregon's QB sweep read play.

■ Dale Newton says Oregon has smashed through all the criticisms and dismissals.

The 2014 Oregon Ducks are five wins away from a national championship. A lot can happen in football, and they might fall short of that goal. But what a great, amazing season it has been, and what a joy it’s been to watch this team respond to every challenge and all the adversity.


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