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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ Andrew Greif looks ahead to the Saturday matchup against Stanford and wonders if they can pass the test.

For confidence that it can pass such a test, the Ducks need only look back to Sept. 6, when they might have found the answer in a win against Michigan State, a team similar in style to Stanford with its pro-style, run-heavy offense and nationally renowned defense.

■ Ted Miller talks about what we learned in the Pac-12 this weekend.

John Canzano likes the punt return effort of Charles Nelson during the game against Cal.

■ Ken Goe wonders if there is concern regarding the defense.

Max Thornberry also looks at the Duck defense.

Dale Newton looks at the defense and offers suggestions to improve it.

The Ducks have to get better with their feet and their heads to be a better defense, and it could be that quicker, faster linebackers like Johnny Ragin III and Danny Mattingly need a bigger role in the rotation.


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DDubbs76 said...

Linebackers haven't really made their presence least I have noticed them.