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Friday, October 17, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Thursday practice report.

Observations: Since the Ducks were running through the plays they’ll employ Saturday vs. Washington at walk-through speed, there are no highlights to report. … Mark Helfrich told the team afterward he thought the defense and special teams were particularly sharp. “Fast Friday” is another chance for the offense to get up to their level. … Jake Pisarcik and Doug Brenner continue to rotate between center and right guard with the No. 2 offense. Brenner played at guard at UCLA last week.

■ Justin Wise examines how the Ducks and dawgs stack up against each other and the difference Jake Fisher made on his return.

Hayden Kim offers players to watch during the game this weekend.

■ Tyson Alger takes a closer look at the improved running game.

Ted Miller examines the rivalry with Washington.

■ The ESPN Pac-12 bloggers all pick Oregon to win on Saturday.

■ Andrew Greif explains why the "Pick" play was so important for the program.

Kenny Wheaton talks about the "Pick" and why that play doesn't define him.

John Canzano takes a closer look at the "Pick."

■ Dale Newton says it is time to bring the "train."

To dominate the rivalry for one more year, Oregon has to be Oregon. Johnathan Loyd was talking to the Oregonian’s Tyson Alger about fellow receiver and special teams standout Charles Nelson and Alger asked him what stood out about the speedy freshman. Loyd said, “His motor. He always says I’m going to bring the train and the train don’t stop. That’s what me and him say together, whether it’s on kickoff, punt or anything. He’s just running full speed into that contact.”


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DDubbs76 said...

Wow...being 20 years, I guess it's expected..but there is so much "the pick" talk.