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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Tuesday practice report.

No highlights to offer given that it was a walk-through, other than the seemingly customary single field-goal attempt just after warm-ups, which Matt Wogan nailed from around 35 yards out. … Former Ducks and local prep legends Dustin Haines and Justin Hoffman dropped by practice, and were introduced to the team afterward. Both were former walk-ons who eventually earned scholarships and were invaluable team leaders. “If we could take their hearts and their minds and surgically implant them in some guys, holy cow,” UO coach Mark Helfrich said. “They worked their tails off to maximize every single second.”

Ken Goe says there is nothing to worry about come Thursday.

■ Andrew Greif says OL Hamani Stevens is out to atone for the narrow victory at WSU.

■ Evidently an Arizona beat writer believes the Ducks will be out to settle a score for the disaster in the desert from last year.

Tyson Alger says Thomas Tyner is ready to turn the corner after a ho-hum start this season.

Are you ready for pink?

Charles Fisher analyzes a few plays where pass protection for Marcus Mariota saved some serious injury to the QB.

■ Matt Takimoto wonders if we under appreciate the talent of Marcus Mariota.

■ Dale Newton doubts the fear mongers and says Oregon should be okay Thursday night.

The Autzen crowd should lift the urgency of the Oregon front seven, and create some confusion for the Arizona secondary. Oregon will outscore the Wildcats, and it wouldn't be surprising for their young offense to stumble at the start.


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DDubbs76 said...

More than anything, I want to watch that O-line grow on Thursday.