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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ Ted Miller looks back at the first four weeks of the season after several top teams have had close calls lately.

...No Pac-12 team appears unbeatable. And no team appears incapable of playing competently. Each fan base should remain hopeful while not ruling out the possibility of eventual despondency. 

The good news, as Socrates noted via Plato, is there are two ruling and directing principles in a college football season. It always at least teases our innate desire for pleasure. And, at its end, we acquire grounds to judge excellence.

The ESPN staff has some questions answers for the Pac-12 North teams.

Tyson Alger says it is all coming together for Devon Allen.

Derrick Malone shares his thoughts on the WSU game.

Andrew Greif has some questions of his own during bye week.

■ Nathan Roholt talks about surviving last Saturday at Pullman.

■ Dale Newton says the Oregon defense is not ready for prime time yet.

They desperately need an impact player to emerge the way Devon Allen has on offense. Danny Mattingly? Chris Seisay? Austin Maloata? Jimmie Swain? Charles Nelson? Tyson Coleman? Joe Walker? This is a defense without an identity or a clear leader, although several of the players, veterans like Derrick Malone, Ifo, Buckner and Washington have leadership ability. Thus far it lacks the swagger and discipline Don Pellum pledged to bring to the unit.


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DDubbs76 said...

We certainly have holes...the O-line...but we've played well enough to win. It feels more like the Joey years that the Chip years right now...gonna have to claw for many wins.