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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ Just what we expected for the opening game against an FCS opponent but there was plenty to like as Oregon had no trouble taking down the Coyotes 62-13. Marcus Mariota was on point, Royce Freeman looked impressive and the defense needs to tighten up a few things. Here is a selection of game day stories,

■ Andrew Greif says it was a familiar opening day rout; Tyson Alger said Dwayne Stanford made a statement; Jason Quick said Byron Marshall has an answer for his critics; Matt Takimoto welcomed back football; Dale Newton lists the positives and cautions from the game; Rob Moseley talks about backfield depth, mixed reviews for the defense, the postgame notebook and has photos; ESPN College Gameday is coming to town next weekend for the MSU game; and ESPN has the game summary.

■ I will have my highlight video posted at YouTube (and here) later today so stay tuned.

Update: The Pac-12 in their infinite wisdom has decided to block the South Dakota game which probably means all games this year. Guess they don't realize this is just another promotional tool to get folks to watch their content. The people it hurts the most are the one overseas and others who have no other access to see their favorite team in action.




DDubbs76 said...

Yeah...the D didn't impress last night. They had a lot of sustained drives. We'll see how they hold up against a power next week. Word.

Jason said...

Your video has a blocked by the Pac 12 message. Bummer.

Mike Wines said...


Joshua Williams said...
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Daniel said...

Can you post the video to Vimeo?

Slavko said...

PAC 12 Network is the worst thing that happened to PAC 12 schools. I cannot believe that I cannot watch my Ducks play and I live in Oregon. On top of that, they are killing the little guys like Mike and Charles F. PAC 12 Network sucks!