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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Friday practice report.

Scout-team scrimmage highlights: Kani Benoit had a couple nice runs to start the morning, and Jimmie Swain was in on a couple of tackles right off the bat. … Casey Eugenio took a screen pass from Morgan Mahalak and side-stepped a safety for a nice gain, and later on Eugenio made a one-handed grab of a deeper ball from Ty Griffin. … Jalen Jelks had a sack, while Ava and Jordan Kurahara made run stops near the line of scrimmage. … Mahalak and B.J. Kelley were about to connect on a long completion until Arrion Springs showed off impressive closing speed by swooping in to break up the pass.

■ Tyson Alger gives you five things to watch for today during the game.

■ Andrew Greif reminds us the title chase starts today.

■ ATQ has LaMichael James slotted number one pick in their "20 in 20" series.

■ Former Oregon pitcher Jimmy Sherfy moved up to the Arizona Fall League yesterday.

I will have my highlight video posted over on my YouTube channel sometime Sunday and it will be posted here as well. Bold prediction: Oregon 63 - South Dakota 6


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