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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ Ted Miller looks at the returning O-line for Oregon.

Returning O-line starts: 107

Notes: Ducks center Hroniss Grasu is the only All-American and first-team All-Pac-12 O-lineman returning this fall, which will be his fourth as a starter. He leads the conference with 40 career starts. Tackles Tyler Johnstone and Jake Fisher are two-year starters, but Johnstone is coming back from a knee injury and might not be available early in the season.

■ Jeremy Crabtree looks at the top Pac-12 recruiters where you'll find two Oregon names out of a total of five listed.

■ The Pac-12 announced an 11am time slot for football games in an effort to reduce the number of night games.

■ Ashley Young says the waiting game can be challenging when it comes to being Marcus Mariota's backup.

■ Dale Newton says the recruiting wars are heating up.

■ Andrew Greif says Marcus Mariota is on pace to smash many career records at Oregon.

In just three seasons, Mariota is on pace to break nearly every career passing record in school history -- and in the case of some records he already owns, he might reset them.

Tyson Alger reviews the baseball season by the numbers and has some questions now that the season is over.


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