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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley noted Jonathan Lloyd. a senior point guard for the basketball team, joined the football team yesterday as a receiver and will be practicing this spring.

“It’s his first day in four years of playing football, and he’s out here with the Oregon Ducks and holding his own,” [Keanon] Lowe said in admiration. “You can tell he’s a natural football player. And I don’t think I saw him drop one pass all day. I’m excited to help him, and I’m excited that it looks like we added another dynamic player in our (meeting) room.”

■ Another dual sport athlete, Devon Allen, sat down with Justin Wise recently to answer a few questions.

■ Andrew Greif says the challenge during spring football is not just playing fast but smart.

■ Marcus Mariota has his own ideas regarding the unionization of college athletes.

■ Ashley Young believes Tyler Johnstone is the right guy for the job on the o-line.

■ Jake Tabor @ATQ relives moments that mattered for Josh Huff against Colorado.

■ The latest Baseball America Top 25 rankings place Oregon at #25 after a disappointing series against the dawgs.


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