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Monday, February 03, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ Eric Sloat believes Oregon's top "recruits" add nothing to recruiting rankings.

The Ducks also self-impose some limitations.  First, the pace at which Oregon runs, just doesn't work for some players who aren't ready for the fast lane, and second, the Ducks look hard at the character behind the stars to find players who will fit in.

■ Dale Newton has a few random thoughts after watching the Super Bowl yesterday.

John Canzano says the Super Bowl wasn't about Peyton Manning's "flop" but Seattle's greatness.

This championship was about unselfishness. It was about Seahawks pass rushers Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett, in Manning's face all night. It was about free-agent acquisition Percy Harvin, who turned the lights out by picking up the opening kickoff of the second half and racing with fresh legs 86 yards for a touchdown.

Manning a loser? I suppose. But the Broncos had their will broken by the Seahawks. A statement of anything less, or trying to make this about the legacy of a player on the losing team, would be a disingenuous slap on a championship performance that was so good it made you think of the 1985 Bears or the 49ers of the 1989 season.

(and Hawks!)

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DDubbs76 said...

The Seahawks went FULL BEAST MODE on the Broncos last night.