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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ Matt Takimoto @ATQ has some end of the season thoughts and proclaims Marcus Mariota is a God.

Marcus Mariota is just the greatest. He spent two months lighting the world on fire, gritted his way through November on a bum knee, and then showed the nation what they can look forward to in 2014 by torching the Texas defense in the Alamo Bowl. 253 yards passing, 133 yards rushing, and a reminder to Duck fans that he's still the man. Even with the final four games of bulky knee braces and moxie, he still threw for 3400 yards, and ran for almost 600 more. His career numbers through two seasons: 62 touchdowns, 10 interceptions; over 7 yards per carry and 14 rushing touchdowns; and just a shade over 6000 yards passing. And he's coming back next season...

■ Victor Flores wonders what the future holds for the Duck football team.

■ Dale Newton shares his concerns for the football program going into spring practice and has a lot of valid points.

■ Thomas Boyd captured several comments from pundits around the country regarding the win over Texas.

■ Mark Flores looks ahead to several recruiting targets Oregon might consider.

■ Joey Holland pays tribute to long time defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti.

Aliotti’s final game was one of his best, holding the Texas Longhorns to only seven points, and his defense came up with two defensive touchdowns when the offense had trouble converting long drives into scores.

After 37 years of coaching – and a total of 22 fantastic seasons of great success at Oregon – defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti has truly earned his retirement.  Duck fans thank him for both his incredible coaching feats and long-term commitment to the program.  He will be missed.


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