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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Josh Huff and Tyler Johnstone organized a snow ball fight with the students yesterday and the team also went sledding down the hill to the parking garage. Video courtesy of KEZI and GoDucksdotcom.

■ The first step to Oregon going to a BCS bowl happened yesterday as Bowling Green took down N. Illinois and that fact didn't go unnoticed by Brad Edwards.

■ Dale Newton says Mark Helfrich is no Chip Kelly but who is?

Helfrich can't be Kelly. He doesn't have the same edge, or fierce knowledge of how to craft an offense or scheme a Cover 2. No one does. Kelly has a counter to the counter to the counter, a gimmick, a wrinkle and a fresh innovation of message to keep a team locked on when the noise is all around them. He's one of the best motivators and football minds in history.

What Helfrich can do is grow in the job, and in some ways, he's better suited for this stage of the Oregon story than his mercurial and gifted predecessor. Chip Kelly had a distaste for recruiting. He was impatient with boosters and hated hierarchy.

At that point, he's still not Chip Kelly, but he'll be a bright, organized guy with a plan, great talent and a winning organization. He can produce the results to match it.

If not, Mullens will reevaluate in a year.


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Very fun being kids.