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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

ESPN shares their recap of the game as Oregon rolls over Texas 30-7.

■ Beating Texas was fun but I was a little underwhelmed by the play and play calling of the offense and left with more questions than answers. Will De'Anthony be back and if so why wasn't he used more? Red zone play concerns, QB concerns if Marcus isn't healthy, Helfrich isn't Kelly and it showed and my list goes on but I will take the win and get on to the links.

Andrew Greif gives Avery Patterson and Nick Aliotti we ll deserved credit; Jason Quick also liked the play of the defense; Josh Huff broke a long standing Oregon receiving record and went out in style; Victor Flores says Oregon had a huge quarterback advantage; Rob Moseley credits Marcus Mariota, Nick Aliotti, Mark Helfrich and has a post game notebookCharles Fisher shares his thoughts; Dale Newton liked the defensive effort; John Canzano has a lot of questions for DAT (good read); Beth Maiman liked the play of Marcus Mariota and the defense; coverage wraps up with articles from The New York Times, ESPN and

■ Game photos from Michael Arellano and Ryan Kang (part two here,) and Thomas Boyd.

■ I will be back later today with my regular highlight video of the game so stay tuned.


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