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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ Joel Gunderson says perspective is needed on the two loss season.

Will Mark Helfrich be the next Chip Kelly?  Who knows.  Kelly went 10-3 his first year, Helfrich can go 11-2.  He has more talent around him, sure, but Kelly didn’t have the competition that Oregon faces now.  There was no David Shaw, Rich Rodriguez or Mike Leach.  While Oregon has gotten better, so has everyone else.  I would say 11-2 looks pretty good from here.

■ Richard Kolbell picked out twelve his photos from the 2013 season to show you Mark Helfrich's range of emotions.

■ A.J. Jacobson talks about the influence Budda Baker's mom had on his commitment to Oregon.

■ Michael Arellano talks about Marcus Mariota on his photo countdown to the Alamo Bowl.

■ Beth Maiman looks at how the wide receivers stack up to each other between and Oregon and Texas and gives the Ducks the advantage.

Just from a statistical standpoint Oregon is certainly a bigger threat in the pass game. The Ducks’ receivers are faster and have proven throughout the season they can ignite the team with big plays. With a healthy Marcus Mariota at quarterback, Oregon’s passing game should flourish like it did in the beginning of the season.


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