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Friday, November 29, 2013

Duck Stud: Morning Mud

KEZI previews the Civil War and the mind of Nick Aliotti.

■ Andrew Greif gives his perspective on the Civil War.

In an underground parking garage there, just around the corner from the cold water tubs players dip into after each practice, a spraypainted mural reminds everybody about this rivalry’s place in Oregon’s world. It depicts the Duck mascot beating up its Beaver (beav trash) counterpart.

■ Connor Letourneau shares his five things to watch for today.

■ Dale Newton talks about avoiding a second helping of turkey.

Scott Frost understands what's behind the lapse in Oregon's fortunes...“It’s going to be a little crack here, a little crack there, a little problem here, a little problem there. We've got a lot of guys around here that are used to winning all the time. We've got to make sure that everybody in this program understands nobody is going to give us any games. Every team in this conference is good enough to beat you if we’re not taking care of our business.”

The Ducks have more talent, provided they come ready to play and cut down on the self-inflicted wounds. After a slightly overcooked, dried-out season, a sixth year of 10 wins would be a nice dessert.


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DDubbs76 said...

Not 10, but 11 wins.