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Friday, October 04, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Thursday practice report.

As usual, no highlights for this report. Would be hard to do without feeling like the game plan was being exposed. Plus, the tempo is so methodical that it’s more like chess pieces being moved around a board than actual football. “If you’re going half-speed, you’re going too fast,” one assistant said. “This is an assignment check.” … To that end, players not at the line of scrimmage for a rep still are expected to get signals from the sideline and walk through their alignment and assignment. Everybody was doing so best I could tell, and it seemed like Colt Lyerla was particularly engaged in the process. ... Today’s practice was conducted under chilly but sunny skies. In fact, probably a pretty close approximation of the conditions expected for Saturday’s game in Boulder.

Kevin Gemmell and Ted Miller both have Oregon beating Colorado by a comfortable margin.

Mark Helfrich learned some valuable lessons during his stint at Colorado.

Ted Miller wonders if Colorado has a chance at upsetting heavily favored Oregon. I can answer that Ted, hell no. But I think Ted already knows that, just doing a filler piece.

■ Joseph Hoyt spent a little quality time with LB Torrodney Prevot recently.

Scott ReedRyan Thorburn and Ken Goe had five questions for Colorado beat writers.

Sam Arney thinks this might be the year.

■ Kevin Gemmell shares "what to watch in the Pac-12" and has this to say about the Oregon vs Colorado game.

50 for five? Oregon set a school record last week by scoring at least 50 points in four consecutive games. This week it faces a Colorado team that appears to be stronger than last year's but still has some holes on both sides of the ball. Sans De'Anthony Thomas, the Ducks had little trouble negotiating Cal -- and mother nature -- en route to a 55-16 win. Is a fifth straight 50-plus-point game in the cards?


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As long as we keep winning and Alabama keeps winning I'm happy… I want to play Alabama!