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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Wednesday practice report.

Highlights: Moments from throughout the day … Bralon Addison leaping for an underthrown deep ball, reaching behind the defensive back to get the football and hauling it in as he fell down. … Wade Keliiikipi reaching out with one hand and grabbing the jersey of a scout-team running back trying to race past, stopping him in his tracks. … Pharaoh Brown turning back to look for the ball in one-on-ones, seeing it coming to his other shoulder and spinning around 360 degrees to make the catch and continue his progress. …

Josh Huff reaching down to snare a pass just before it hit the turf, and managing to keep his balance and continue upfield. … A couple red-zone highlights for scouts: Kani Benoit blasting off tackle for a touchdown, and Tyree Robinson reaching out to break up a potential TD pass from Marcus Mariota to Johnny Mundt.

■ Ted Miller wonders what Oregon's weaknesses are? Really Ted? None of course.

■ Dale Newton wonders how the next two games will go, feast or famine?

■ Kevin Gemmell notes De'Anthony is expected to start against UCLA.

■ Bob Laws wonders if the Ducks are America's favorite team?

Colt Lyerla's troubles continue. Hopefully he can straighten his life out.

■ Ken Goe tells us what sets Marcus Mariota apart from the other QB's.

I particularly like Mariota's decision-making ability. He is avoiding crushing hits because of (a) his ability to read defenses, (b) his ability to make the right decision, and (c) his sheer speed, which makes him formidable on keepers, and when avoiding trouble if a pass play breaks down.


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