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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

ESPN recaps the highlights as Oregon takes down Washington St. 62-38 despite the onslaught of pass attempts by Connor Halliday.

■ I was sorry to see the two turnovers by Marcus Mariota but liked how the Ducks responded in the second half as Oregon just keeps rolling.

■ Time for the multitude of stories from last nights action so let's get started: Jason Quick calls Byron Marshall a key contributor; Ken Goe credits the Oregon defense for a job well done; Andrew Greif calls Marshall and Tyner more than capable; Don Gilman says the Cougars have nothing but respect for Oregon; Joseph Hoyt called it a second half barrage; Victor Flores gives credit to the Oregon running backs; Steve Summers likes how Oregon keeps dominating opponents; Jake Tabor credits the defense for their efforts; Rob Moseley has stories on the defense, Thomas Tyner, early adversity and a post game notebookCraig Murphy likes Oregon's response from early turnovers; ESPN, and the New York Times round out the coverage.

■ Michael Arellano, Ryan Kang, and Nate Barrett took some great photos at the game.

Ted Miller has a helmet sticker for Marcus Mariota and Byron Marshall.

Marshall rushed for 192 yards on 21 carries -- 9.1 yards per rush -- with three touchdowns. He also caught two passes for 54 yards.

I will be back later today with my highlights video so stay tuned.

UPDATE: 8:00 am PT: Just learned my Dad was taken to the hospital last night. Highlight video postponed until a later time. My apologies. Hoping for the best.



DDubbs76 said...

Send the love to Grandad!

Gerald Meenaghan said...

Wines Family and MadMike1951,

I noticed that this week you didn't provide the edited 12-minute highlight video you have in previous weeks. I wonder if you got chastised by one of the media outlets for copyright infringement, or if you simply didn't have the time this week? In any case, I have really, really appreciated the highlight videos in the first six weeks of the season. Thank you very, very much!

-Gerry, Ducks fanatic

Mike Wines said...

Thanks for the comment Gerry. My Dad was in the hospital for a few days but is home now...should have the WSU video later today or tomorrow at the latest.