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Friday, September 06, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Thursday practice report.

Pre-practice stretch ended when kickoff return team up-backs DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead each fielded a mock pooch kick while holding another ball in one arm. … Alejandro Maldonado and Matt Wogan each hit from 39 yards out to open practice, and each connected consistently from around the same distance during a field-goal period later in the morning. … Both the ones and twos (and at some positions even a three) would work against the scout team at the same time, on both offense and defense. While one unit was aligned directly across from the scouts, the other stood 30 or so yards behind them, reading and reacting to what the scouts were doing as well. No down time for this group.

■ Dale Newton says Mark Helfrich's coaching career is about to get real.

A nice guy demeanor plays well when a team is 1-0. Getting to 13-0 takes a whole lot more. Does the first-year coach have the stuff to avoid a clunker loss, and keep his team's attention when the Italian leather seats and 56 big screen TVs are there to distract them? After this business trip to Virginia, Duck fans will have a better idea.

■ Ken Goe asked a Charlottesville reporter 5 questions about the upcoming Virginia game.

Dale Newton had a Q&A session with Virginia blogger Kris Wright.

Virginia has upset on their mind according to this report. (not likely)

■ Michelle Friedlander profiles Devon Allen, Oregon's newest dual-sport threat.

■ Hayden Kim takes note of the strength of the Oregon running back position.

Ted Miller and Kevin Gemmell both have Oregon beating Virginia.

Ted Miller: The Ducks have been a model of efficiency the past few years, and that's been most notable on the road, a characteristic of national title contenders. The next measure of new coach Mark Helfrich is maintaining that efficiency. Oregon 38, Virginia 17.



DDubbs76 said...

My 5 questions...

1) Why does Oregon look so much sexier than you on the field?

2) What level of fear does the team have facing Oregon?

3) Do you think it will be a contest after the 1st quarter?

4) Will Oregon's backups throttle your first team?

5) How many guys will cry after the game?

Mike Wines said...

I like your five better!