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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

ESPN provides a quick video recap of the game.

■ Ball security was a huge issue for both sides in the opening quarter but Oregon pounced on the majority of their fumbles and Cal did not, leading to a first quarter barrage that the Bears could never recover from as Oregon went on to win 55-16.

■ Here are all the stories from the blogs around the web:  Jason Quick gives the defense credit; Craig Murphy liked the play of Byron Marshall; Hayden Kim focuses on the monsoon conditions; Erik Skopil says the Oregon defense drowned the air-raid attack of Cal; Nathan Roholt gives his perspective; David Piper @ATQ shares his recap of the game; Dale Newton says Cal got stiff armed; has their story plus a postgame notebook and then ESPN rounds out the coverage.

■ Michael Arellano, Andrew Seng, and Nate Barrett share their game photos.

■ I will have a highlight video posted later today so stay tuned.


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