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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Tuesday practice report.

Highlights: After focusing on the defensive half of the field Monday, I spent more time watching the offense today, and was really impressed by Josh Huff. He had a breakaway run on one of the first reps of the day, returned a kickoff for a touchdown and caught scoring passes from Marcus Mariota both in seven-on-seven and team drills. … B.J. Kelley had a pancake block in space to spring one of Huff's touchdowns. De'Anthony Thomas scored a rushing touchdown thanks to a pancake at the line by Mana Greig before splitting down-field blocks by Keanon Lowe and Ayele Forde, and Lowe had another block late in the day to spring another Huff touchdown. …

The scout-team quarterbacks are obviously putting the ball in the air a lot as they mimic Cal's offense, and today Taylor Alie completed a scoring pass over the top of the secondary. … Jake Rodrigues made a really tough throw in team drills, scrambling to his left and throwing back to the middle of the field for a touchdown to Chance Allen, and Jeff Lockie put some nice touch on a TD pass to Johnny Mundt. has your weekly football release where you can learn everything you need to know about the Cal game.

Dale Newton scouts the Cal Bears.

Joey Holland previews the game this weekend and doesn't hold much hope for Cal.

John Canzano compares Cal to the beav trash.

Ken Goe warns Portland residents attending the game on Saturday that it could be a very late night.

■ Jason Quick profiles Josh Huff who took the dark road to become a top receiver for the Ducks.

It was last week, during a long walk on the Oakway Golf Course near his apartment, when Josh Huff stopped at the No. 4 green, laid down and looked to the night sky.

"I saw the stars," Huff said. "And it took me back to my childhood."


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DDubbs76 said...

Yeah, Cal and beav trash have similar issues's their football teams! ZING!