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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Wednesday practice report.

Highlights: The final period today was a red-zone drill for the twos and threes, 11-on-11. Lockie had touchdown passes to B.J. Kelley and Chance Allen, and Rodrigues threw one to Blake Stanton. … Michael Manns and Juwaan Williams broke up passes in the end zone; Williams had a bead on an interception until a fellow defender collided with him. … One sequence began at the 10-yard line rather than the 20, and the defense nearly held thanks to a quarterback hurry by Torrodney Prevot, a short run that Joe Walker stopped and a nice job by Bronson Yim of pushing a receiver out of bounds short of the goal line. But on fourth down, Kani Benoit bullied his way into the end zone for the score.

■ Andrew Greif and Dale Newton don't give Cal much of a chance when they come to town for the game on the 28th.

Johnny Mundt earned the John Mackey player of the week honor after his performance against Tennessee.

Younger players are getting most of the reps during the bye week where nothing slows down.

Marcus Mariota is getting lots of Heisman buzz as well as De'Anthony Thomas.

■ Michelle Friedlander believes Torrodney Prevot could be the next Dion Jordan.

Here's a fun article, sounds like Kirk Herbstreit loves the Ducks.

“It’s funny, when you get outside of the PAC-12, people kind of poo-poo Oregon as if that Oregon speed can’t match up with the bigger schools that have big defensive linemen. I’m telling you, the fan in me wants to see Oregon get a chance in the big game against an SEC powerhouse like Alabama or LSU in the national championship. People want to say LSU already played Oregon. That was different time in a different era and a different LSU team. Oregon was very young with De’Anthony Thomas and some of their true freshmen. Oregon does not get the credit they deserve on a national level. Right now, them and Alabama are on a different playing field than everybody else after the first three weeks.”


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