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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Friday practice report.

The day began as usual with 10 minutes of 11-on-11 for guys on the scout team, but running Oregon's plays instead of the opponent's. Damion Hobbs had a nice option run, David Kafovalu broke up a pass at the line and Mike Garrity had a tackle for loss in the backfield. Kani Benoit made a nice cut to get to the second level on a run, guard Jamal Prater took at least one snap at left tackle and there was a spirited battle between Stetzon Bair and Jake Pisarcik, with Bair driving Pisarcik backward at the snap before Pisarcik set his feet and got Bair going in the other direction.

Ted Miller wonders did you know?

De’Anthony Thomas has scored five offensive touchdowns this season on just 31 combined rushes and receptions (6.2 Rush & Rec per TD). That’s even better than the FBS-leading pace at which he’s scored during his Oregon career (7.3 Rush & Rec per TD).

Bob Laws does an analysis of the game today and Jason Quick previews the matchup with Tennessee.

■ Erik McKinney notes it will be a big recruiting weekend for the Tennessee game.

■ Will freshman Johnny Mundt see extended playing time if Colt Lyerla continues to drop the ball?

Matt Krook begins practice with the baseball team after his "draft saga."

■ My prediction for today's game. Oregon 52 Tennessee 20.

I linked to a Ken Goe post yesterday where he had five questions for Tennessee. Dave had his own five questions that were in the comments and here they are:

1) Can you take us through how you felt watching LaMichael carve out that unbelievable run in the last meeting?

2) From your perspective, do your uniforms look a little "bitchy?"

3) Why are you so racist?

4) If you had to guess which Oregon defender will end your quarterback's season with a mind-blowing hit, which defender do you think it would be?

5) Can you even spell Volunteer?


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DDubbs76 said...

Colt is not going to see a drop in playing time after one game. We're so good, that if a guy has a subpar game, even given the great catches he's already had in his career, people start wondering if you're good enough. Come on, now! Colt's solid.