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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Monday practice report.

Highlights: The day began with the sort of balanced play you want to see when the ones face the ones. In FUJI to open the morning, De'Anthony Thomas busted loose for a decent gain and then on the next play was swallowed up in the backfield by Tony Washington. … I was impressed by several tough catches by young receivers over the middle over the course of the day. Chance Allen reached behind him to catch a pass from Jake Rodrigues, Darren Carrington leaped to haul in a pass thrown by Damion Hobbs while rolling out, and B.J. Kelley made a nice grab of a Marcus Mariota pass. …. Couple nice interceptions today, by Issac Dixon and Dior Mathis.

Finally, you have to love the reaction from [De'Anthony] Thomas today after being told he was named Pac-12 player of the week for the first time. "I'm just here to make plays," he said. "That doesn't matter. It's week three, time to make some more plays."

■ Jason Quick has more comments on the Monday practice.

Dale Newton and Jason Quick give you a sneak peek at the Tennessee Volunteers.

Marcus Mariota tops the list of Heisman hopefuls after the Virginia game.

Everyone wants to know about the Ducks and Dale Newton was happy to oblige Movoli Sports.

Chip Kelly and the Eagles had fun last night, especially in the first half.

■ Ted Miller still has Oregon ranked #2 in the Pac-12 power rankings but it might be the last week.

If Oregon approaches the monstrous butt-kicking it gave Virginia at home against Tennessee, then it probably will be time to move Oregon up to No. 1. And another dominant performance, this time against an SEC team, would probably move the "what will Mark Helfrich do" talk to the background.


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