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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Mark Helfrich talks with the media after day two of practice.

Andy Mac and Jason Quick break down their day two assessment.

Andy: Eric Dungy makes the highlights blurb for a second straight day thanks to a sliding catch in the end zone, capped off by a celebratory side bump with De'Anthony Thomas. As in past years, Dungy’s hands will always make him a regular contributor to the practice highlight reel. Jeff Lockie hooked up with Blake Stanton on a nice throw and catch with Stanton finding an opening between two defenders to make the grab. Freshman wide receiver Devon Allen did a nice job of breaking up a would-be interception by Dior Mathis on an underthrown ball.

Who will be the ultimate victor in the Pac-12? My Magic 8 Ball says Oregon.

"Stanford and Oregon have absolutely earned the right to be up there on top of the list, and everybody else has to go after that challenge," UCLA coach Jim Mora said.

■ Bryan Holt looks at Oregon's three-headed offensive monster that opposing defenses have to face.

■ Mark Flores has the latest on recruiting.

■ Dale Newton would you like to meet the new boss.

Helfrich said he wasn't concerned about pressure or putting his own stamp on the program. "If I'm just known as the coach who kept winning after Chip Kelly left, I'm fine with that." He said he's spoken to The Visor several times over the last few months, and the main advice the parting head coach gave him was the same advice Kelly got from Mike Bellotti: "Be yourself."

■ Andrew Greif says, "led by Avery Patterson, the last line of defense is formidable."

"I know a lot of people are going to play in the secondary, I don't know where at," he said. "I just know every time I'm on the field I'm going to make a play. Hopefully, that will keep me on the field, make them want to keep me on the field." 



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