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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has the inside info on yesterday's practice.

Most entertaining period: The clutch drill at the end, in which the team was split into two squads, one needing to protect a lead and one needing to come from behind. The drill was run a couple times, once with one squad protecting a two-point lead, and Matt Wogan made a 38-yard field goal to bring his side back. The other side still had a chance to turn the tables, but Tyree Robinson broke up a pass and Rahim Cassell hauled in the tipped ball to end the drill.

With the scenario changed to make it a six-point difference, the No. 1 offense ended up having to punt with time left on the clock. The twos drove down near the red zone thanks in part to the sure hands of Eric Dungy, some nice running by Kenny Bassett and a great catch of a bobbled ball by Devon Allen. But ultimately, the scenario ended without a comeback.

Oregon found itself sitting in the #3 spot on the initial AP poll.

■ Mark Helfrich paid his respects to the Campbell family and received an unexpected surprise in return.

■ Jason Quick wonders if the kicking game will be a platoon operation this year.

■ Dale Newton wonders what kind of year DE Christian French will have.

If French follows up his great Spring Game with growing consistency and results on the field this fall, the Oregon defense could have a breakout monster coming off the edge in the 3/4-4/3 defense.


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