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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Kevin Gemmell talks with Oregon CB Ifo Ekpre-Olumu about high expectations.

■ Ted Miller pegs De'Anthony Thomas as #14 in the Pac-12 top 25 for 2013.

Oregon’s hybrid could end up No. 1 on the postseason list. Or he could end up unranked like last season. But like last year, it won't be a reflection of what kind of player Thomas is -- we know what kind of a player he is. It’s the fact that he’s so tough to categorize that makes putting him in a traditional ranking so difficult. There are better “true” wide receivers in the conference -- though not many. There are better “true” running backs in the conference -- though not many. Thomas falls into a no-man’s land, where he gobbles up yards per carry, scores per touch and "SportsCenter" highlights. He’s that rare player that can make a short run riveting while bucking the old stereotype that you have to run forward to return a punt for a touchdown. With Kenjon Barner gone, his role in the running game is likely to increase this year. We don’t know how the season is going to end up for Thomas. We just know we’re going to have a lot of fun watching it play out.

■ Practice didn't go so well for freshman RB Thomas Tyner yesterday.

Rob Moseley has a complete practice report.

Colt Lyerla hopes he gets more touches this year.

■ Dale Newton would like to see Oregon offer the "fastest player in college football" a scholarship.

■ Erik McKinney calls Budda Baker a "must have" recruit for Oregon.

Mark Flores offers his recruiting update.

■ Don Gilman believes the Duck's dream of a championship stands at a pivotal moment.

Ted Miller tallies up the totals where you'll find Oregon on top of his "positional reviews."

■ Rob Moseley reports Joe Walker is making his presence known at inside linebacker.

“He’s not a real flashy kind of guy,” said Grant Thompson, Walker’s weight-lifting partner and fellow UO linebacker. “After he makes a big play – which he does quite a bit – you don’t see him celebrate and go crazy.

“He doesn't need to draw attention to himself to show he’s a great player, and that’s how you earn respect around here. He’s a quiet kind of guy, but he lets his play do the talking.”


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