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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ Victor Flores believes even though the baseball team lost some key players to the MLB draft, a stable of returning studs and an elite recruit will make up the difference.

"Matt Krook, a starting pitcher taken with the 35th overall pick by the Miami Marlins, decided to spurn South Beach and take his talents to Eugene."

"There were reports that Krook had issues with his physical causing Miami to lower their offer, providing incentive for the lefty’s detour into college. Whatever the reasons, the Ducks get a pitcher who was widely considered a top-50 draft prospect and one of the best high-school arms around. The Ducks might take it slow with Krook but one would expect them to do what they did with Irvin last season – plug him into the starting rotation and enjoy the show."

■ Vintage Oregon Ducks reported Charlie Warren, a three year starter on the basketball team, died yesterday at the age of 73 in Eugene.

■ Dale Newton says it won't be easy but Thomas Tyner has the physical tools to be something special at Oregon.

"Speed is good. It clarifies, overcomes and confuses. Speed leaves opponents grasping for air and old men gasping for breath. You can't catch what you can barely see. A head fake, a shoulder shimmy and gone. Thomas Tyner is supremely fast. If he maintains his health, refines his body, and listens and learns, he'll achieve every dream he and his father set to paper. And Duck fans are in for a thrilling ride."


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DDubbs76 said...

I'm going to be really curious to see Tyner for the first time...he comes with a lot of fanfare!