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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

■ Oregon Ducks' target Budda Baker discusses recruitment, and his performance at The Opening.

■ Don Gilman believes the spread offense is here to stay.

First it was Nick Saban, then Florida coach Will Muschamp. Now, the latest high-profile coach to bash the spread offense is new Arkansas coach Bret Bielema.

So is the spread offense doomed?

Not likely. Fans love it. It makes the game more exciting. It allows talented offensive players to truly flourish and meet their potential. Certainly the influence of Saban, Muschamp and Bielema will cause the NCAA to look into the matter, but the likelihood of rules being changed to slow it down are about as likely as the Ducks running nothing but the Power-I this year.

The spread offense is here to stay.

■ Luc Hancock looks at three freshmen who could see major playing time.

■ Joey Holland wonders if Stanford has Oregon's number or will the Ducks get the win on the road this year?

■ Kevin Gemmell looks at a few of the reasons the Oregon vs Washington game is on his week 7 road trip agenda.

• The Ducks have compiled nearly a decade's worth of Husky pink slips. A few of the gory details:
• The Ducks have won the last nine meetings.
• During that stretch, they've outscored Washington 391-158.
• The average score has been 43-17.
• The "closest" game during the current streak was in 2011, when the Ducks won by 17. The other eight games were by at least 20 or more points (including three by 30 or more).
• The Ducks have outgained the Huskies by an average of 476-287.
• This is the longest win/loss streak in the history of the series.


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