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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ Victor Flores wonders if this was the best Oregon baseball season ever? Here is how the article starts:

"Don’t worry too much about Monday’s loss to Rice. The Ducks had a bad game. That’s it. Good teams have bad games. The difference between good teams and the ones that can’t even dream about the College World Series is that good teams have many more games like this one than like Oregon had Monday."

"The Ducks aren't just a good team, though; they’re an elite one, and they just completed what might have been the best season in the history of the school."

■  J.J. Altobelli, Christian Jones and Brett Thomas were all drafted on the final day of the Major League Baseball Draft on Saturday.

J.J. Altobelli was picked by the St. Louis Cardinals, Christian Jones went to the San Francisco Giants and Brett Thomas was selected by the Seattle Mariners.



DDubbs76 said...

It'll be interesting to see and learn how the draft affects the team as a whole, and the dynamics of recruiting. I'm guessing it's just a part of baseball, and they knew this was coming...but a lot of big names are being drafted right now!

Mike Wines said...

You have to remember Dave, some of these guys are juniors...doesn't necessarily mean they will leave Oregon, some of them will likely stay for their senior season and to get their degree....