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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
■ David Piper @ATQ wonders what the 2013 season will tell us about new head coach Mark Helfrich.

We'll learn about Helfrich this season. While we don't expect wholesale changes, we'll learn if he's going to place a greater emphasis on the passing game. If he'll be as bold as his predecessor on 4th down. How he'll handle fans and the media.

But the greater questions about Helfrich won't be answered until this season is over. And the most important of those may be what happens after Marcus Mariota leaves. (more here)

■ ESPN has released their 2014 commitment tracker (I know, too early?) where you will find Oregon trailing USC for the Pac-12. Nothing new there either but it's what you do with your talent that counts.

Kevin Gemmell looks at the Pac-12 team rushing returners.

Here's a reminder of how the teams ranked in the league in rushing offense last year:
1. Oregon

Biggest statistical returner: Marcus Mariota, 752 yards, 106 attempts, five touchdowns
Biggest statistical loss: Kenjon Barner, 1,767 yards, 278 attempts, 21 touchdowns (ouch)

Ryon Healy signed with the Oakland Athletics yesterday for $500k.

"I'm very excited about this next step and anxious to get started," Healy said in a phone interview from his Southern California home. "It's a great honor to be part of the Oakland Athletics. ... I think it's a great fit."


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