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Monday, June 10, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Athlon magazine had lots of nice things to say about Oregon and a few of its players in its preseason edition.

It picks Oregon to win the Pac-12 and ranks it third in the nation, behind Alabama and Ohio State. It ranks Stanford seventh, Arizona State 23rd and Oregon State 25th. It has the Sun Devils winning the Pac-12's South Division, and Oregon playing Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

The track team had high aspirations that were left a little short as the NCAA Track & Field Championships at Hayward Field came tot a close. Maybe next year Ducks.

■ Brandon Gruber looks at players who have switched sides like Dion Jordan moving from offense to defense and wonders how some other current players might do if they switched.

At 6′-8″ and nearly 300 pounds, Arik Armstead would be a force at tackle in college just as he was in high school.  A mountain of flesh, he is lean, mean and could be a 3-4 year starter on most college offensive lines.


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